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Weld Neck Flanges

Weld Neck Flanges are a very common type of pipe flanges used in various industrial applications. They have a long tapered hub and are often used for high pressure applications.

Uses of weld neck flanges:

  • The weld neck flange is very resistant to dishing and has a very sturdy connection because it has the pipe along with the tapered hub.
  • The flanges are ideal for extreme fluctuations of temperature.
  • They are ideal in environments where there may be a lot of bending and handling of the flanges.
  • Preferred in an environment with extreme temperature conditions.
  • This type of flange is preferred for every severe service conditioní¬resulting from high pressure or from sub-zero or elevated temperature.
  • They are used in situations where loading conditions are substantially constant or fluctuate between wide limits.
  • This is probably the best welding flange available because of its high, heavy neck.
  • Highly recommended wherever a sound welded joint connection is needed.