Service Policy

Reputation is more important than sales volume
Quality is the essence of a product, so as reputation to a business. A product should be deemed as acceptable only when it satisfies the customer very well. The point of marketing is buying rather than selling, that is, securing customer loyalty by building good reputation in the process of selling.

A complaint lodged by customer is the most precious gift

What a customer is complaining about is what needs to be improved. Only when these complaints are properly handled is the business benefited. In a limited sense, the assets of a business are composed of its buildings, equipment and funds. However, in a broad sense, the permanent property of a business is customer loyalty. The more loyal customers you have, the greater the assets. Otherwise, assets will turn into liabilities and the business will go insolvent.
The aim of our work is your satisfaction
At Shengtian, a technically acceptable product is not necessarily a qualified product. Only products of customer satisfaction are qualified. Products fail to meet customer needs are of little marketability and thus of little profitability. Therefore, the yardstick used to measure the performance is customer satisfaction. Never say "No" to customers.

Service Scope

Technical Support:
Whenever you needs help, our experienced work teams are willing to do their best to solve problem for you. And for regular customers, or new customers, there will be dedicated staff take care of your business.

Product Quality Assurance

The company has got ISO9000 Quality System Certificate from Beijing Sanxing 9000 Quality Certificate Center. Successively 10 people achieved the qualification of internal inspector.The company sticks on ISO9000 quality system and efficiently controls the procedure in production from rechecking the raw materials to the final inspection. All the procedures are recorded and the traceability is reached.
Customize Parts
With 20 years manufacture experience, not only can our team can manufacture products according to ANSI, ASME, DIN, JIS, but also they can produce on guests requires, when guests provide them the product designs.

Hebei Shengtian Pipe-fittings Group will be your best supplier,our products is high quanlity in controy and the price is factoty price not have intermediaries,so please contact with me if you have this require.


Shengtian pipe fittings are widely used in the project refer to industry fields use,such as petroleum, power, papermaking, chemical, aviation, boiler heat, exchanger fields,electric,shipbuilding, construction fileds,foodstuff,medical equipment, and other fields, which got quality aftersale service. The company was selected as designated enterprise and got Membership Supplier Certificate. Some products are sold in United States , France , Canada and South American countries, and Middle East and so on. We would give you sincere service and make you smile.