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Bending Tube and Pipe Bending by Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group co.,ltd
Bending Pipe ProductsQ
Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group co.,ltd Bending brings you flexibility in terms of the bending tubing and pipe bending materials we can work with, and in the size and type of tube bend you need. We offer a brief list of our tube bending capabilities below. To see some of our bending tube work visit our tube bending picture Gallery.

Diverse Tube Bending Materials Experience. ST can bend carbon tubing or stainless steel tube, aluminum, chrome, nickel, high strength alloys and a multitude of other exotic tube bending materials.

Quality heat induction tubing bends of tubular and structural shapes (round, square, rectangular) up to 28 inches OD, and up to 3-inch wall thickness for angles between 1 to 180 degrees.

Helical and spiral coil bending up to 8-inch IPS (International Pipe Size) produced to ASME, ANSI and PFI specifications for refining, petrochemical, chemical, power and general industrial applications.

Cold tube bending up to an exclusive 16-inch OD.

Heavy wall butt-weld fittings and J-fittings to 4-inch IPS and 1-inch wall to comply with any standard code specifications and dimensions.

A wide range of square and rectangular sizes of structural tubing up to 24 inches rectangular to practically any radius.